Teen Violence Prevention

This program includes practical, interactive sessions on:


Anger management, alternative dispute resolution and life skills training for “at risk” girls and boys


Provide a peer support network and to help ensure that young women make positive life


Provides support to pregnant and parenting teenagers who are navigating relationship violence


Entrepreneurship training, career planning, job skills workshops, resume writing assistance


Development of self-confidence in order to make healthy for girls and young women, young men and boys to decisions


Integrating African indigenous knowledge framework of the ‘Extended Family’.

We Should Stop Gun Violence

The Loyan Foundation was founded in response to the high rates of gun violence in Toronto – and in memory to Loyan Ahmed Gilao and his friend Ali Mohamed.

Our Programs

Beginning in summer 2013, Loyan Foundation partnered with Modern Batik Art Workshops to deliver art classes targeting East African youth. Modern Batik is an art form which modifies traditional Batik technique originating in Indonesia to enhance the detail of an image on fabric using wax and dyes.

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Teen Violence Prevention

Youth Leadership

Straight Talk about Relationships


About Us

To help build a more united, safer, and stronger community for East Africans

Loyan Foundation

Our Mission is to address issues of violence in the East African community through culturally and linguistically appropriate social programs.

Useful Topics

  • STOP Gun Violence
  • Help Our Community
  • Anti-Racism
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration

Loyan Foundation

Our Vision is to help build a more united, safer, and stronger community for East Africans and Torontonians in general, where all individuals at risk of exposure to violence may benefit from social and emotional support.

Adopting to Change

Our History began with the shooting death of 23 year-old Loyan Ahmed Gilao in a tragic case of mistaken identity. Loyan was a forward-looking and community conscious young man, who started a youth development program called We Help, committed to building youth programming in his community. While his work was cut short all too soon, in the immediate aftermath of Loyan’s death, a group of families and supporters came together to engage in public advocacy, awareness and education initiatives to prevent the violence which had claimed Loyan’s life and carry on his work and passion. This association developed into Loyan Foundation and became a registered charity in 2011. We have since expanded activities to develop youth-oriented violence prevention programming and research. See our PROGRAMS page for more information.

Creative Effects

  • Race
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Neighbourhood
  • Family

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The Loyan Foundation Was Founded In Response To

The High Rates Of Gun Violence In Toronto
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