Culturally-Based Programs


Adjusting to life in can sometimes be challenging. At the Loyan Foundation we understand what’s it like to transition to a new life in Canada. We work with you in addressing your settlements needs and help support you throughout your settlement process.

Whether it is filing out applications, assistance understanding life in Canada or connecting you to the proper resources, or having your documents notarized, we offer a variety of different ways to support you with your settlement needs. Call us to find out more.


The Loyan Foundation we offer interpretation and translation services. Our professional and accredited staff will be able to work with you your interpretation and translation needs. Call us to find out more.


Since 2013,  The Loyan Foundation has partnered with Modern Batik Art Workshops to deliver art classes targeting East African youth and seniors. The program is intended to help build skills and emotional well-being for East African youth and seniors. Workshop sessions provide youth and seniors with the opportunity to develop artistic and social skills as well as a powerful sense of accomplishment from their artwork. This has helped to improve the emotional health of participants and their households and has provided participants with valuable, extra-curricular experience to serve them in the future.


The Loyan Foundations Family Supports program was developed in an effort to assist the cultural barriers and challenges that many East African families face when adapting to living in Canada was well as to address the broader violence that is plaguing the East African community. Our family support program is culturally and linguistically appropriate focusing on the following: Individual and Family Counselling and Case management support; Emergency/Crisis Hotline; Mentorship and Youth Leadership; Spiritual Guidance; and Healing/Spiritual support.

Using a culturally appropriate framework, The Family Supports program offers youth, age 13-18  and their families with the supports needed to develop their strengths and to build on their resilience. We work with both parents and youth on violence intervention and collaborate with families on strategies towards violence prevention.


At The Loyan Foundation, we understand how hard it is parenting in Canada. Between different cultural norms and understanding of parenting to feeling lack of support it can be challenging. Our mothers support group is a bi-monthly discussion group covers multiple topics that promote the health and well-being of families as well as helping women nurture themselves and learn about healthy living.


Loyan Foundation also supports youth aged 15-30 through direct employment and training programs. Every year Loyan Foundation has directly employed at least two new young persons of East African descent to work directly in our offices in partnership and through referrals with local organizations. These youth assist in delivering our settlement support work, whether this includes notary services, assisting with immigration forms, or connecting individuals to community programs.


Improving the lifes of youth Creating Opportunities

Development of social skills.

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