Culturally-Based Programs


Beginning in summer 2013, Loyan Foundation partnered with Modern Batik Art Workshops to deliver art classes targeting East African youth. Modern Batik is an art form which modifies traditional Batik technique originating in Indonesia to enhance the detail of an image on fabric using wax and dyes.

For background on the history and method of Modern Batik visit: http://www.modernbatikartworkshops.com/Page/2066/0-1/History+of+Modern+Batik+Art.aspx

The program is intended to help build skills and emotional well-being for East African youth and to raise awareness for the cause of nonviolence in the East African community. Constructive activities like the Modern Batik art program can strengthen neighbourhoods and protect against risk factors of violence by improving educational and emotional outcomes for youth. Workshop sessions provide youth with the opportunity to develop artistic and social skills as well as a powerful sense of accomplishment from their artwork. This has helped to improve the emotional health of participants and their households and has provided participants with valuable, extra-curricular experience to serve them in the future.

If you are interested in supporting this project we encourage you to browse our gallery and check our support us page.

Since its inception, the Batik Program has trained over three dozen youth in this art form. Most participants have been high school juniors and seniors of East African descent, who have served as trainers and workshop leaders in their own right. Youth report greater personal and family optimism, self-esteem, and confidence as several of our original artworks have been sold to the public and reprinted as calendars and posters. In 2019, the program has also expanded to the Woodbine and Queen area.

If you would like to participate or learn more please contact us directly and we will happily address any questions to may have..


Loyan Foundation also supports youth aged 15-30 through direct employment and training programs. Every year Loyan Foundation has directly employed at least two new young persons of East African descent to work directly in our offices in partnership and through referrals with local organizations. These youth assist in delivering our settlement support work, whether this includes notary services, assisting with immigration forms, or connecting individuals to community programs.



Our successful Modern Batik program is being expanded to new locations and age groups. Beginning in 2019, Loyan Foundation has opened a new workshop session inviting seniors an opportunity to hone this craft in the Queen and Woodbine area. The workshops provide attendees an opportunity to engage in stimulating leisure where they may connect with other community members of their age and improve their well-being and interconnectedness.


Loyan foundation applies its cultural expertise and competence and translation to provide various services to East African residents in the GTA. We provide assistance with settlement needs for newcomers, whether through referrals, filling applications, and translation ; We also provide notary services for individuals requiring documentation verification.

To inquire about our services please call our offices directly at



Loyan Foundation is committed to producing meaningful and ongoing research related to culturally competent anti-violence programming for the East African community.  Our research is critical to mobilize our community through the dissemination of knowledge and ideas and  to help ensure that Loyan’s programs are effective and evidence-based.

Loyan Foundation’s research is community-based.  This means our research will draw much of its data through methods which document the perspectives and lived experiences from East Africans in the Greater Toronto Area.

Loyan Foundation continues to investigate causes and solutions to violence in our community. If you are interested in contributing to community research projects, we encourage you to fill out our volunteer form. For other inquiries please check our contact page or email us at   [email protected] .


Loyan Foundation members also participate in a number of events and are active in non-violence advocacy to generate support through volunteer and other contributions. Check back for updates on events in the coming weeks.

Loyan Foundation has partnered with several local and national organizations to expand programming and outreach to the community.

JVS Toronto
Tropicana Foundation
Toronto Community Housing
Rotary Club of Toronto
Career Foundation
VIBE arts
Rexdale Women’s Centre
York University
David Kibuuka Batik
Youth Employment Service
Employment and Social Development Canada


Loyan is looking to expand its programming to attract more young people to new, exciting, and uplifting programs; as part of this objective we continuously recruit volunteers to develop new programs and expand our research agenda. Many youth have gained valuable entry-level job experience with Loyan Foundation to jump-start their careers. This is a point of emphasis for our organization. By joining our team you will also gain the following :

  • Contribute to addressing critical needs in the East African community
  • Build and expand honest and substantive networking contacts
  • Build your resume and experience in a socially conscious, progressive, and creative endeavour

If you would like to contribute to our work, please send your resume by email and identify which of our current program area(s) you would like to support.


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